Why is ExReal?

ExReal is my experimental otaku dream novel. It is a love letter to my favorite video games, visual novels, anime, and the world around me, whilst maintaining a firm "anti-nostalgia" rule. ExReal will go to many places, whatever is on my mind, loosely crafted into narrative. Some parts will be a puzzle, others will be political and social ramblings, others will be geeking out about things I like, others will be pure emotion. I want to make the real world feel exciting and lively the way a lot of fiction I like makes escapist fantasy seem as such.

I am really bad at consistently performing work, so I have set a schedule of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to post updates. My attention is fickle and jumps in many directions, so expect the writing style to be the same. There are many things that hold me back, yet with this project I aim to shout at the world with all my passion, my anger, my sorrow, my depression, my love. So long as I have my laptop and a desire to write, I will write ExReal.

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